Jonathan Ring
Hello, my name is Jonathan and I'm a student from Southsea, who adores design, print and photography.

I run a design blog, 'designclever'. I also really love tea and hugs! Find out more about me below.


…. and I’m back in Cardiff. The joys of moving all my stuff. 

Back to Cardiff tomorrow for the beginning of University Year 3. Crazy. 

I feel kinda nervous, but it should be alright.

The weather was lovely today. Lovely sunshine feels.

It was a beautiful sunset tonight. I did attempt to film a time lapse, but my phone battery died and it didn’t save the last bit.

A fun little video diary combining video clips from all the family on our first camping trip. We booked a 1966 VW split screen from New Forest Safari. We travelled to Poole (which none of us filmed) and had a day trip to Swanage and Corfe Castle.


the main thing i look forward to in life is raising dogs w/ someone i love

yes, this and being in a creative job and living by the sea.

(via framingsammie)

Booked tickets to see The Kooks in Cardiff. Alone. *sobs* I love them too much not to go.

An iPhone snap out of The Shard yesterday. 

ootteerr said: Hey I’m going up the shard too!

Oh nice! We went up at 3.30pm, and just got back home. It was a lot busier and a cramped atmosphere than I imagined, and lots of reflection on the glass. Wouldn’t mind going back. 

Off to London today. 

Going to visit the Transport Museum and going up the Shard.

Listening to Ed Sheeran in bed.

Camping was so fun, mostly because we drove around in a VW Campervan. I loved them before the experience, but now I love them even more! They are so cool! I think, we might just do it again!

I found sleeping in a tent alright, mostly because of this warm weather, although I found it cold in the morning. I loved being cut off from the internet too. 

Lots of photos to go through, and I’m so rubbish at uploading them quickly these days, so who knows.